Think Wow founders are named top customer experience influencers

How does it feel to win a bronze at the Olympics?

I wouldn’t know 🤷‍♀️

Despite taking the occasional jog, I am no athlete 🙈

What I do know is how it feels to be ranked third by an industry leading magazine as a top customer experience influencer alongside professionals I’ve admired for years!

On top of that, Daniel also ranked 14th which is a huge achievement and something we are so proud of.

To say we're a little emotional would be an understatement. 😅😆

We started our business just over a year ago, and when the pandemic hit we worried for a moment.We worried that both of us going self employed during a pandemic was too big a gamble.

It probably was, but here’s the thing...

❤️We didn’t account for the customer experience industry being so collaborative and supportive

❤️We didn’t account for the awesome team at Customer Experience Magazine (CXM) helping us shout about the importance of great CX

❤️We didn’t account for you. You amazing and supportive bunch of business people who’ve taught us so much about what it means to find a community who genuinely care about each other’s wins and losses

So we hope you’ll celebrate with us, you helped get us here!

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